Graduate Program Courses

Graduate program courses, led by the Department of Comparative, Diagnostic and Population Medicine (CDPM), currently include the areas of virology, anesthesiology, and ethical conduct in research.

Wildlife Virology: Emerging Wildlife Viruses of Veterinary and Zoonotic Importance
VME 6195/4906

Course Coordinator: Dr. A. Allison
Wildlife Virology is a 3-credit (3 hours of lecture/week) undergraduate/graduate-level course focusing on pathogenic viruses that are naturally maintained in wildlife species which are transmissible to humans, domestic animals, and other wildlife/zoological species. In this course, we will cover a comprehensive and diverse set of RNA and DNA viruses that naturally infect free-ranging mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. We will also address the newly described diversity of viruses found within marine and terrestrial invertebrates/arthropods and its significance to the taxonomy and origins of animal and human viral pathogens.

Seminar in Veterinary Anesthesiology

Course Coordinator: TBD

Issues in the Responsible Conduct of Research
VME 6767

Course Coordinator: Dr. A. Lee
Course subject matter covers scientific misconduct, safety, data management and bias, human and animal subjects, conflicts of interest, professionalism and peer review. Consistent with the recommendations, the course is a combination of lecture, discussion, case study and group exercises. 

Official Guidelines for Graduate Students