About Us

The CVM Department of Comparative, Diagnostic, and Population Medicine is a recently formed department that fosters collaboration, innovation, integration, and diversity in instruction, research, and service for the advancement of human and animal health.

The Department is home to services that operate across multiple species and disciplines. The Department has a diverse mission with a holistic approach to graduate training with graduate faculty specializing in anatomic pathology, anesthesia, clinical pathology, diagnostic microbiology and infectious diseases, integrative medicine, and wildlife medicine and surgery.

Our wildlife specialists include experts in avian, terrestrial, and aquatic species. Pathology is highly diverse with specialists in aquatic clinical and anatomic pathology in additional to domestic species and forensic pathology. Integrative medicine includes specialists in alternative medicine and nutrition. Our anesthesiologists have expertise in pain management and development of special anesthetic techniques in wildlife and aquatic species. This department is the home of many infectious disease clinicians and specialists investigating a broad array of bacterial, viral, and parasitological diseases of animals and humans.