Roadkill Survey

Welcome to the Alachua County Roadkill Survey.


Alachua County has a large amount of wildlife and our research group hope to gain a better understanding of how wildlife-vehicle collisions are affecting the animals within our community and provide a new way to assess the health of these wild animals in our county. The overall goal of this project is to study automobile and fatal wildlife interactions in Alachua County, Florida. We are particularly interested in the identification of potential roadkill hotspots and evaluation of roadkill animals for zoonotic disease.  In order to make this survey successful, we need the public’s assistance in identifying incidents of roadkill throughout Alachua County.

We are asking for your help to identify and document cases of roadkill.  We are interested in any amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal you can find, regardless of if you can identify the exact species or not.  Although we are asking for multiple pieces of information from each event, we are most interested in the species of animal, the location of the animal, and a photo of the animal. We cannot stress enough that your safety is most important to us and we do not want you to take any unnecessary risks to photograph the roadkill.  In these instances, we implore you to submit your encounter without a photograph along with any other relevant information you can provide.

The map above shows roadkill observations from Alachua County. Results of our research will be periodically updated on this map.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Adam W. Stern
Professor of Forensic Pathology
University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine