Aquatic Animal Health

March 2019 in the Sarasota FL area (NOAA permit 18786-03)

The Aquatic Animal Health service specializes in the health and medical care of marine mammals, sea turtles, fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Study includes captive marine mammals, care of pet fishes, zoo and aquarium species, aquaculture medicine, and clinical research of free-ranging aquatic species.

This specialty training incorporates aspects of:

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Wildlife Health
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering

More information:

  • A residency in Aquatic Animal Health is offered every three years.
  • Faculty in the Aquatic Animal Health service come from several departments. Learn more about the CDPM faculty associated with the Aquatic Animal Health service.
  • Visit the Aquatic Animal Health webpage for more information about educational opportunities, research, clinical care and diagnostic support.