No Name Observations

Not all of the cats and dogs enrolled in our programs are stray, as some will have run away from home. As part of our programs, when possible, we strive to reconnect these animals with their human families. Below is a list of cats and dogs enrolled in our programs. If you believe an animal on the list belongs to you, please contact us.  

Contact information:
Dr. Adam W. Stern 
Professor of Forensic Pathology 
University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine 

Animal IDSpeciesDate RecoveredZip CodeColorCoat TypeSexAge
ACHNN 83Cat12/10/202032608Gray/WhiteLonghairedIntact FemaleJuvenile
ACHNN 82Cat12/1/202032611BlackShorthairedSpayed FemaleAdult
ADHNN 107Dog12/7/202032641BrownShort CoatIntact MaleAdult
ACHNN 84Cat12/14/202032606White/GrayMedium hairedIntact maleAdult
ACHNN 85Cat12/15/202032608Gray/blaclShorthaied TabbyIntact FemaleJuvenile