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Saving the Big Bend’s Manatees One Rescue at a Time

In December 2020, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, or FWC, notified the University of Florida Marine Animal Rescue, or UF MAR, headquartered in Cedar Key and at UF, that a young satellite-tagged manatee named Carmen was needing rescue in the Suwannee River.

NOAA.gov – Feb 2021

North Atlantic Right Whale Calf Stranded Dead in Florida

With fewer than 400 individuals remaining, North Atlantic right whales are one of the world’s most endangered large whale species. NOAA Fisheries has developed regulations to help protect these whales from vessel collisions and entanglements.

Perry Newspaper (Steinhatchee area) – August 2020

Rescue Team Responds to Injured Manatee

An injured mother manatee and her calf were rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and University of Florida Marine Animal Rescue (UFMAR) after Steinhatchee locals reported she was potentially injured Thursday.

NOAA.GOV- April 2019

Young Dolphin Returned to Wild After Suffering Injuries from Fishing Line

For the second time in three weeks a young dolphin is swimming free of fishing line, thanks to the efforts of a rescue team made up of partner organizations along Florida’s west coast.

News Archive

Gainesville.com – Jan 19, 2018

Stranded Whale Death Remains Mystery

A marine mammal rescue team from the University of Florida spent hours in late June trying to rescue a short-finned pilot whale in the Gulf of Mexico near Steinhatchee, only to have to euthanize it. In its death, the whale still provided no clues as to why it ended up stranded in shallow water and split from its pod.

Steinhatchee.com – August 18, 2017

Update on Beached Pilot Whale

The 725 lb. whale beached herself in Dixie County, FL on July 1. Discovered by beach goers, teams from the University of Florida and Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescued and transported her to our rehabilitation facility for continued medical care. Upon arrival, our team initiated around-the-clock care. She responded quickly to treatment from our veterinarian team and began to show signs of improvement almost immediately.

WCTV – June 29, 2017

UPDATE: Beached Whale Euthanized, to be Transferred to UF

NOAA confirms that a whale that was found beached in Taylor County on Thursday had to be euthanized. The pilot whale was removed from the beach and will be transferred to the University of Florida for a necropsy to determine the official cause of death. According to NOAA, the whale was in poor condition, and a veterinarian reports the mammal could not be saved and euthanasia was the best option.