Molecular Fungal ID Lab

Welcome to the Molecular Fungal ID Lab in the College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Florida. Our lab is focused on using molecular assays for identification of fungal organisms in animal tissues. In particular, we run panfungal PCR and sequencing in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues and cytology slides. The assay can be run on different animal species and tissue samples. We evaluate and provide a description including images for the submitted histology or cytology sections, and we attempt to correlate the amplified and sequenced fungal organisms with the fungal morphology observed histologically/cytologically.

Sample Submission

A submission form must be completed, emailed, printed, and shipped with the samples. Please make sure that the clinic/veterinarian’s contact information and history are completed on the submission form. Email the form to

The paraffin blocks can be returned upon request (shipping fee applies). If formalin fixed samples or only the block is submitted, additional fees will apply for processing the specimen and for processing routine and special stains on histological slides.

Due to the potential for environmental contamination, we discourage submission of histological scrolls. We understand that some labs have strict guidelines and do not want to ship paraffin blocks, and in those situations, 50μm of tissue from paraffin block can be submitted in a sterile, DNA and RNA free tube together with one H&E slide and one GMS/PAS stained slide. In that case, we recommend a new microtome blade be used and the microtome be cleaned with DNA away prior to sectioning of scrolls for PCR.

Fee Schedule

Test cost
Panfungal PCR and sequencing (FFPE or cytology) $148.30
Panfungal PCR and sequencing (FFPE or cytology) – add-on tissue for same patient $72.70
Processing of formalin fixed or fresh specimens (includes H&E and GMS slides) $47.90
H&E slide staining (unstained slide submitted) $7.10
H&E slide $16.50
GMS/PAS slide staining (unstained slide submitted) $13.80
GMS/PAS slide $20.60

Shipping Samples

Send samples with the completed and printed form in the package to:

UF Molecular Fungal ID Lab
2015 SW 16th Ave. Room VS-50
Gainesville, FL 32608

Dr. Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann
Associate Professor
Office: (352) 294-4193


Our lab is also interested in research projects involving fungal infections in animal species. Contact us if you are interested in a collaborative project and would like to submit research samples.

Additional Papers

  1. Paranannizziopsis australasiensis (order Onygenales) outbreak in captive African bush vipers (Atheris squamigera)
  1. Pyogranulomatous panniculitis in a domestic cat associated with Pseudomonas luteola infection
  1. Colorectal basidiobolomycosis in a dog
  1. Pathology in Practice: Sinonasal fungal granuloma due to Phaeohyphomycosis (Curvularia sp.) in a Quarter Horse
  1. Histoplasmosis and multicentric lymphoma in a Nubian goat
  1. Retrospective Analysis of Aetiological Agents Associated with Pulmonary Mycosis Secondary to Enteric Salmonellosis in Six Horses by Panfungal Polymerase Chain Reaction
  1. Phylogenetic analysis of Histoplasma capsulatum var duboisii in baboons from archived formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues
  1. Pulmonary and systemic fungal infections in an Atlantic spotted dolphin and a Bryde’s whale, Brazil
  1. Chaetomiaceae Fungi, Novel Pathogens of Equine Neurotropic Phaeohyphomycosis
  1. Atypical cutaneous cryptococcosis in cats
  1. Granulomatous leptomeningitis in a goat associated with infection by Cryptococcus neoformans