Veterinary Forensic Externship


The University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, FL offers an externship program in the Forensic Pathology Section of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories. This externship is available to junior and senior veterinary students with an interest in veterinary forensics.  The forensic pathology section aids in the investigation of cases of suspected animal cruelty and neglect, sudden and unexpected death, and any other case that might involve potential litigation.  Externs will receive hands on training in evidence handling protocols and forensic autopsy techniques.  Exposure to other disciplines such as forensic entomology, postmortem diagnostic imaging, and forensic anthropology may occur during the externship period.

Period of internship: The externship period is 1-2 weeks long.

Scholarship funds may be available.

Application materials:
Cover letter/letter of intent
Curriculum vitae
One letter of reference
Specific desired timeframe of externship

Please email application materials to:
Dr. Adam W. Stern
Professor of Forensic Pathology
University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine