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Animal Fighting Workshop


Animal fighting is the staged fighting between two or more animals and is used for the purposes of entertainment, gambling, or sport. While there are many types of animal fighting, two of the most common types of animal fighting in the United States are dog fighting and cockfighting. This workshop will address the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the proper processing of animal fighting crime scenes.

This 8-hour workshop on animal fighting will be open to law enforcement, animal control, humane investigators, attorneys, and veterinarians interested in advancing their knowledge of animal fighting. The first part of this course will be lecture format. Topics will include an introduction to animal fighting, identification and collection of animal fighting evidence, animal care and relocation, and animal fighting injuries. The second part of the course will be a hands-on field component. Participants will conduct proper evidence collection and documentation from multiple mock crime scenes. Proper collection equipment and animal fighting paraphernalia will be available for examination by the participants.

Date, Time, and Location:
August 11, 2020 ~ 8am to 5pm
Volusia County Fire Training Center
3889 Tiger Bay Rd
Daytona Beach, FL 32124

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