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Valentina Stevenson,

Assistant Professor – Anatomic Pathology

Department: Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine
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About Valentina Stevenson

Valentina is an Anatomic Pathologist specializing in oncologic diseases, with a particular interest in the mechanisms of immunotolerance. Her previous work focused on exploring the immune profiles of two distinct canine neoplasia, melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma. While melanoma is highly immunogenic, it can still evade immune surveillance, whereas soft tissue sarcoma is poorly immunogenic. She conducted an evaluation of immune inhibitory checkpoint molecules and Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs), and found that despite their distinct immune profiles, the expression of these molecules was higher in malignant tumors. She also investigated the effects of Histotripsy Tumor Ablation Therapy on the expression of these molecules and observed a focal decrease associated with the treatment areas. Her findings indicate that immunotherapies targeting checkpoint molecules have great potential for efficacy in canine neoplasms, either alone or in combination with tumor ablation therapies that increase immune cell infiltration in poorly immunogenic neoplasia. At UF, Valentina plans to continue researching mechanisms of immunotolerance in neoplastic diseases, focusing on how checkpoint molecules can limit the host immune system, leading to tumor immune escape and metastasis. She is excited to explore how our understanding of the immune system can be used to develop and apply new therapeutic agents in comparative and translational medicine. Outside of work, she enjoys photography and outdoor activities with her family and dogs, including trail running.


Pathology Trainee and Scholarship Award.
2022 · Davis-Thompson Foundation
VMCVM Phi Zeta Manuscript Competition winner.
2022 · Phi Zeta VMCVM
Young Investigator Award, for “Expression of immunoinhibitory checkpoint molecules in canine soft tissue sarcoma”.
2022 · American College of Veterinary Pathology. Annual Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts.
LCPG-CL Davis Foundation Travel Award.
2019 · American College of Veterinary Pathologists annual meeting. San Antonio, Texas.
Young Investigator Award, for “Mechanisms of tumorigenesis and immune tolerance in canine melanoma.
2019 · American College of Veterinary Pathologists Annual Meeting. San Antonio, Texas.

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Courses Taught
VEM5751 Anatomic Path Core Clerkship
VEM5851 Adv. Anatomic Pathology Clerkship
VEM5162 Vet Pathology 2

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Areas of Interest
  • Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy


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Anatomic Pathology Residency
2022 · Virginia Tech
2022 · Virginia Polytechnic University
2012 · Austral University
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
2011 · Universidad Austral de Chile

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