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Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann,

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Department: Department of Comparative, Diagnostic & Population Medicine
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About Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann

I am a board certified veterinary anatomic pathologist involved and dedicated to research, diagnostic pathology, and training of professional students and veterinary anatomic pathology residents. I am particularly interested and passionate about dermatopathology and fungal diagnostics. I am committed to improvement of animal health and have focused my research career on investigating the role the skin microbiome plays in health and disease in companion animals, pathogenesis of infectious diseases, basic dermatopathology, and microbiology. A special area of my research interest is the development of molecular diagnostics for identification of fungal organisms in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues and cytology slides. Through many collaborations, I have supported toxicology studies, in particular investigating the effects of air pollution in animal models.


Clinical Service Award
2015 · Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Texas A&M University
John Paul Delepane Award
2011 · College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University
ACVP Young Investigator Award – Experimental disease and Industrial and Toxicology Pathology, 2nd Place “Target cells infected by Cache Valley Virus in the ovine fetus"
2010 · 61st Annual Meeting of The American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Baltimore, MD
Graduate Student Scholarship Award
2009-2010 · College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University
L.P. Jones Pathology Resident Award
2009 · College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University
ACVP/AAVLD Diagnostic Pathology Travel Award “Central nervous system pathology of naturally ocurring Trypanosoma evansi infection in horses”
2007 · 58th Annual Meeting of The American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Savannah, GA.

Board Certifications

  • Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist
    American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Research Profile

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)


Areas of Interest
  • Dermatopathology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Fungal Diagnostics
  • Skin Microbiome


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2011 · Texas A&M University
Residency in Anatomic Pathology
2009 · Texas A&M University
Master of Science
2006 · Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)
Veterinary Medicine
2004 · Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)

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VEM5751 Core Clk Appl Pathol
VEM5851 Senior Clk App Pathol

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