Stranding Response

The UF Marine Animal Rescue Program covers dolphin, whale, manatee and sea turtle strandings in Levy, Dixie, and Taylor county.  Geographic areas covered are shown on the map below.

The University of Florida Marine Animal Rescue received 31 calls in 2020. Of those 31 calls, 22 were reports of injured, distressed or dead cetaceans, manatees, sea turtles or other animals in Levy, Dixie, and Taylor counties. Throughout the year, UF MAR responded to eight cetaceans, nine manatees, six sea turtles, one North American river otter, and seven other animals (birds, sharks, etc.). We teamed up with other stranding organizations by assisting in necropsies and rescues, as well as forwarding information of stranded marine mammals in their specific response areas.  

2020 UF MAR Responses

Alive dead total
Cetacean 6 2 8
Manatee 4 5 9
Sea Turtle 3 3 6
North American River Otter 1 0 1
Other 7 0 7
Total 21 10 31

Response Areas

Location Number of Assists
Within UF MAR area (Levy, Dixie, Taylor Counties) 22
Outside of UF MAR area 9