Nina Thompson

Lab: Dr. Walden’s Parasitology Lab

Title: Lab Manager / BioScientist II

Credentials: Master’s of Science in Marine Biology, Master’s of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelors of Science in Marine Science; Concentration Biology

Honors and Awards: SAA Award

Lab Skills & Training: Diagnostic parasite screening, sample processing, scientific journal publication writing, student teaching, research development, report writing, sample collection techniques, Microscope staining techniques, chain of custody information, Adobe suite, microsoft office, Biohazardous waste, Hazardous Waste, Chemical Hygiene Plans, Shipping and Transport of biological substances, CPR

Equipment proficiency: Centrifuge, pipettors, Tremble GPS units, Microscope staining, -80 & -20 Freezers, liquid nitrogen, incubators, agar, microscopy, water bath, hydrometer, pH Meter

Research Interests: Environmental impacts, Marine Biology, Parasitic loads seen in different parts of the world