Morgan Weldon

Location: Parasitology Lab, V2-202
Phone: 352-294-4142

Lab: Dr. Lee’s Parasitology Lab

Title: Lab Manager / BioScientist II

Credentials: BSc, Animal Sciences, University of Florida

Lab Skills & Training: PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, DNA Extraction & Purification, RFLP, Diagnostic Parasite Screening & Identification, Centrifugation, Biohazardous Waste Management, Shipping & Transport of Biological Specimens, Data Analysis

Equipment proficiency: T100 Thermal Cycler, Gel Electrophoresis System, NanoDrop, Centrifuge, Microscope, Pipettors, pH Meter, Hydrometer, Autoclave, CO₂ Incubator, -80 & -20 Freezers, LED Transilluminator, LAS X Imaging Software, LAS EZ Software

Research Interests: Parasitology, Zoonotic Disease, Molecular Epidemiology, Anthelmintic Drug Efficacy